Saturday, February 10, 2018

Pre-Order Phantom Thread Blu-Ray Today!

As we announced below, Phantom Thread will be released on Blu-Ray APRIL 10TH, with a nice selection of special features added to the disc! You can pre-order it now by clicking here, and click either of the images above to see them in higher resolution!

Paul & Co. have released a trailer!

In honor, this will also mark the return of one of this site's oldest features:

which will be the Criterion Collection's incredible release of Rebecca, which Paul has referred to numerous times over the course of the promotional run having been a key influence on the inspiration behind Thread.
“It’s not your standard love story,” states Anderson. “It’s more peculiar for sure. A lot of directors have tried and failed to make Rebecca. I’m probably next in line, but it’s a different story. I’m a large aficionado of those large Gothic romance movies as the old masters might do them. What I like about those kinds of love stories is that they’re very suspenseful. A good dollop of suspense with a love story is a nice combination!" 
PTA - FlickeringMyth.Com
We will have the full 20 year archive of Paul's personal selections back up next week!


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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Phantom Thread BluRay Date & Details Revealed!

We have just gotten word from Focus about the home video release details for Phantom Thread! The film will be available digitally on MARCH 27TH and on Blu-Ray & DVD APRIL 10TH. Special features listed on the press release include:
Camera Tests - With audio commentary by Paul Thomas Anderson 
For the Hungry Boy -A collection of deleted scenes. Music by Jonny Greenwood 
House of Woodcock Fashion Show - Fashion Show narrated by Adam Buxton 
Behind the Scenes Photographs - Photographs from the film by Michael Bauman with demo versions of Jonny Greenwood's score
It will no doubt be a welcome sign for a lot of you to see the idea of commentary tracks returning to the discs! We may have a few to give away in the near future, stay tuned!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Phantom Thread Nominated For Six Oscars, Including Best Picture

For its late breaking introduction into the 2017 awards game, Phantom Thread had a surprisingly strong showing in the Academy Award nominations that were announced this morning. The film was nominated for six awards total and here are the categories:
Best Picture
Best Director - Paul Thomas Anderson 
Best Lead Actor - Daniel Day-Lewis
Best Supporting Actress - Lesley Manville
Best Original Score - Jonny Greenwood
Best Costume Design - Mark Bridges

Some may be careful to note this is somewhat of an inversion of what PTA has historically enjoyed from the AMPAS -- frequently getting love for his screenplays and, regrettably, not much else. Phantom Thread, however, did not receive a nod for Best Original Screenplay and will instead compete for the other, equally big enchiladas listed above, stinging omissions for Vicky Krieps and Dylan Tichenor notwithstanding.

Here is a complete list of all nominees for the upcoming Oscars ceremonies, if you're interested.
Statuettes will be handed out on Sunday, March 4, 2018 -- between now and then, it's fingers crossed.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Enter to Win a Phantom Thread Giveaway Pack!

Happy early weekend!

As advertised, we are pleased to announce something truly nifty for you, dear reader: a chance to win a special Phantom Thread prize pack courtesy of our friends at Focus Features! The giveaway includes a handy Woodcock tote bag, a copy of Jonny Greenwood's immaculate soundtrack and, coolest part, a one-of-a-kind coffee table book called The Women of Woodcock.

To enter, please email with "Hungry" in the subject and your shipping address in the body. The contest will run through the weekend and will close at midnight CST on Sunday. Winners will be selected at random and emailed with results on Monday 1/22.

Good luck and happy Phantom Thread Wide Release Eve!

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Monday, January 15, 2018

PTA to Participate in Reddit AMA and Twitter Q&A

While we're on the subject of interviews...

PTA will be participating in a Reddit AMA tomorrow 1/15 at 12pm PST. You can follow along and submit Q's for the man himself to A over here at the given time. 

PTA will also be answering questions on Twitter via the film's official @phantom_thread handle on Wednesday 1/16 at 12pm PST.

Dream up your best questions; PTA is sure to be hungry for them!

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Sunday, January 14, 2018


Okie-doke, time to play some catch up.

In the course of Phantom Thread expanding beyond its limited market this weekend (and everywhere nationwide next weekend), an inundation of great interviews have been rapping at our door, so we're going to drop them here for you. As always, consume at your own discretion -- there are bound to be PT spoilers throughout.

#1. a 90-minute, career-spanning interview with PTA on the Bill Simmons Podcast 

#2. an also sprawling 77-minute talk with PTA on the Nerdist podcast 

#3. Rian Johnson interviews PTA about Phantom Thread

#4. Lesley Manville, Vicky Krieps & Mark Bridges discuss Phantom Thread

#5. Vicky Krieps talks Phantom Thread on DP30

#6. PTA pays a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

#8. Mark Bridges discusses "Phantom Thread" on Deadline's The Contenders series

#9. Paul Thomas Anderson interview with Radio Andy

+ Good reads:

Chicago Tribune interview with PTA | The Dark Optimism of Paul Thomas Anderson: GQ Profile | EW Interview with Dylan Tichenor: Editing Phantom Thread | LA Times: Paul Thomas Anderson and collaborators unravel the mysteries of "Phantom Thread" | Vulture Interview: Lesley Manville on Playing Twisted Siblings with Daniel Day-Lewis | NY Times: Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson on How They Created "Phantom Thread" | The Globe and Mail Interview with Paul Thomas Anderson | Interview with Lesley Manville | The Playlist Interview with Paul Thomas Anderson |  Indiewire Interview with Paul Thomas Anderson on "Phantom Thread" | Paul Thomas Anderson: Why I Needed to Make "Phantom Thread" (RollingStone) | Love, Death, and Control: Paul Thomas Anderson on Making "Phantom Thread" (Vulture)

+ Let's see now...what else is new? Oh yes! Mondo will be releasing the Magnolia soundtrack on vinyl, including both the collection of terrific Aimee Mann songs and iconic Jon Brion score. Per Indiewire, the package will be available for sale on 1/17.

+ We also will have a sweet little treat for our readers at the end of the week, courtesy of our fine friends at Focus Features, so you will most likely be wanting to circle back here for that...

Phew. Think that's it for now.

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Monday, December 25, 2017

Phantom Thread: Now Playing

Well, it has been a...frankly pretty goddamn fast route getting here: Paul Thomas Anderson's eighth feature-length motion picture, Phantom Thread, is now officially playing in theatres.

If you live in the lucky LA and NY markets, go go go!

For the rest of us outside those markets, the film will open nationwide on 1/19/18 but Al Rose Promotions may have you covered if you just simply cannot wait that long.

This Saturday, 12/30, advanced screenings of the film will be taking place nationwide:

What's more, Jonny Greenwood's soundtrack for the film is now available for pre-order via Nonesuch and from what we understand it's a real scorcher, so you may want to get on that. 

Interviews continue to trickle in and we intend to aggregate and house them on our official Phantom Thread page over the near future. Keep your eye on that!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. Any holiday season with a new work from PTA is one worth savoring.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

NBR: "Phantom Thread" Wins Best Original Screenplay, Named One of 2017's 10 Best

Hullo -

Couple exciting odds 'n ends for you this evening.

+ Today, The National Board of Review named Phantom Thread one of the top 10 motion pictures of 2017 and presented the award for Best Original Screenplay to Mr. Paul Thomas Anderson for his work on the script.

+ Secondly, W Magazine has released a well-worth-reading interview with Daniel Day-Lewis in which he discusses the (apparently devastating) process of working on Phantom and why he has decided to retire from acting. You can read the article in full here.

+ ICYMI from the C&RV twitter, a mouthwatering new poster for the film was rolled out at the Fine Arts screening on 11/24. Here's a photo of it in the wild until we can get our hands on a proper jpeg.

+ New guild screenings in London, Miami, Palm Springs, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Seattle have now all been booked and posted to the film's official site. With the first public screenings now out of the way, we expect the news to trickle in rather precipitously for the foreseeable future, so please do keep your eyes peeled. Despite the strict embargo placed on the critical response until December 7th, the whispers we've heard following the screenings in Los Angeles and New York indicate something really special has been cooked up with this movie.

+ Last but not least, Nonesuch Records will officially be distributing Jonny Greenwood's soundtrack album for the film, as they did on the previous three PTA/Greenwood collaborations. Release date/tracklist/artwork have yet been rolled out, but that's now a matter of "when" rather than "if."

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